Automotive Repair Shop Mistakes By Eli Koorey

Automotive Repair Shop Mistakes

By Eli Koorey

  • Release Date: 2011-08-05
  • Genre: Consumer Guides
Score: 4
From 133 Ratings


If you've ever had that lump in your throat when your vehicle started acting up this book is for you. You will learn about common practices auto repair shops use to burn their customers, how to spot such practices, and how to handle them along the way. This book will help anyone with very limited automotive knowledge.


  • A need to read

    By NADC alumni
    As an Nashville Auto Diesel College graduate (yr 2000) and an A.S.E. Master Auto tech. I think this is a must read Mr Koorey hit the nail on head. There are so many systems on modern cars that alot of places will throw parts until its right. Don't be that person that gets the the screwing for somebody not wanting to do proper testing or educating.
  • You have to be clueless to get any value from this book

    By MacToast
    It's the ol' worst case scenario type advice. Bottom line, if you don't trust a shop or mechanic then don't go there! To suggest shops should not charge a fee for every car they look at is ridiculous. Reminds me of the old Three Stooges meme that says, No charge if we can't fix it... Haven't had a paying customer in years. Said, Two failed businesses in 8 years, that's not good and the writing is 5th grade level at best. It's not a book, it's a chapter of what could be a book if it had ten more chapters and he had an editor. Author may be a good mechanic, not so good writer.

    By Rak-61
    Unless you're a qualified mechanic everyone should have this book. I wished it had been available or I had known of it when I was fleeced by a "reputable" service shop when I was dealing with an older model vehicle. Everything warned about this shop did and they were suppose to be the best of the best in my town. One thing to note is that at some dealerships, the service writer is also on commission and some will push unnecessary services to increase their quotas. I was fortunate in that the first time I needed basic maintenance I felt pushed for items that weren't called for according to my owners manual. I declined to set an appointment with her. Later I spoke with a different service writer and he quoted a significantly lower cost. I enquired about the difference in needed services and he plainly stated that unless something was amiss my mileage didn't warrant those services. The difference in the quote was over a $150.00 that the first service writer was trying to sell me. GREAT BOOK!!! Blessed it was free but I would have willingly paid for it.
  • Excellent!!!!!

    By Middle Aged Man 001
    Very informative, honest and helpful. Definitely worth the the short read. Should be offered as a consumer pamphlet. Well done!
  • Wonderful and tiny book of how to deal with mechanic shops

    By TexasBias
    Simple to understand and a good refresher if you're going to get your car serviced by someone other than yourself. Nice little maintenance list in the back. Short, sweet, to the point.
  • Automotive Repair Shop Mistakes

    By LaLarryLCW
    This book is like having a really good mechanic as a really good friend. It goes a long way towards alleviating that sick feeling when you need your car fixed and are not sure you trust he shop or the mechanic. It's a quick and easy read. I would consider it a must read for anyone who has to get a car repaired.
  • Automotive Repair Shop Mistakes

    By Shop Guide
    The book was an easy read and did have some very basic common sense approaches. I myself am a tech and agree with finding and sticking with a quality repair facility. It's been said that a good mechanic is worth his/her weight in gold and I have made it a career long goal of my to obtain that type of trust with not only my clients but with my service advisors as well. After all, the advisors are like human business cards for you and will go to bat with you everyday if they can trust you.
  • Great information, Easy to understand

    By Bkcir
    This is a very informative book that can help the average vehicle owner when it's repair time, yet doesn't make them feel overwhelmed while reading it... Great work, Eli.
  • Excellent

    By alec.
    Helpful and well intentioned!
  • Automotive Repair Shop Mistakes

    By Koorey
    Great easy read. Smart, helpful, and funny all at the same time