The Billionaire's Caress By Ava Claire

The Billionaire's Caress

By Ava Claire

  • Release Date: 2017-12-11
  • Genre: Short Stories


Secrets...I was certain that my billionaire husband was keeping something from me. Now that a blast from my past is back in the picture, I’m left with the task of reopening old wounds. Baring my soul before skeletons I thought were long gone destroy the life we’ve built...

The Billionaire’s Caress is the second installment in the Loving The Billionaire series.

Loving The Billionaire Series

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The Billionaire's Caress, #2 

The Billionaire's Risk, #3 

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*The Billionaire's Caress is the most recent installment in Leila and Jacob Whitmore's love story. It is suggested you read their story in order:
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