Season 1: The Vincibles: Episode 3: Sydney By Aaron Patterson

Season 1: The Vincibles: Episode 3: Sydney

By Aaron Patterson

  • Release Date: 2015-08-18
  • Genre: Fantasy


[vincible: a. capable of being overcome or subdued; conquered.] 

Episode Three: Sydney 

Every story contains faces on the fringes. Those on the outside looking in. Observers who seem to have no power or influence. They're just along for the ride. Or are they? 

They're people like Sydney. 

A castaway loner at 14, a girl nobody ever wanted, Sydney keeps a go bag, her runaway kit, under her bed. She spends her life in support of others because she's too scared that if she takes any kind of responsibility, she'll screw things up. After all, that's how her birth father raised her. 

Sydney’s sisters Greye and Nika are both missing. The police are asking questions, and her answers aren't satisfactory. Sydney can sense time is running short, that she's stuck between the cops, Miss Ivy--her terrible foster mom, and this nameless evil that seems to be picking off her sisters one by one. 

In the end, Sydney is going to have to make a choice she never wanted to make. If she runs, will she get anywhere, or will she only be making things worse? Most important, will the sale of her soul be worth whatever pittance she gets in return? Will the fulfillment of a dream look more like a nightmare? 

Sydney's world might just collide into another she never imagined could be true.